ALLOR Magnet

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The ALLOR Magnet Adaptor enables any vaporizer (including MODS) with a 5/10 thread or Ego to charge magnetically and have a “quick release” feature for swapping out different tanks or subtanks.  The majority of vaporizers sold worldwide are threaded with a 5/10 size or Ego style and require the user to unscrew the tank from the battery in order to recharge the device or swap tanks.  This is not only inconvenient but also quickly wears out the threads on the battery, tank, and charger. The ALLOR Magnet adaptor solves this issue and provides a quick release for easy removal without threading.  This is great for in-store tester trays or anyone who has multiple tanks and would like to take advantage of the quick release feature.

ALLOR Magnet

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