OG Kush

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ALLOR E-Liquids are formulated using Terpenes which a large group of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants including Cannabis. They are the main producers of the plants scent & flavor and are also known to have pharmacological effects. By analyzing and recreating the Terpene profile of different strains of Cannabis using organic legal sources, ALLOR has created a unique liquid that contains the same flavor profile and Terpenes without containing any Canabiniods and without any psychoactive ingredients. These liquids contain 0.0% THC, 0.0% CBD, and 0.0% CBN, No cannabinoids whatsoever and do not contain actual Cannabis.  FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK HERE 

INGREDIENTS: USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade Propylene Glycol, organic natural Terpene based flavors, 0% THC, 0% CBD, 0% CBN, NO Canabinoids of any kind, 0% Nicotine, No Active & No Psychoactive ingredients.

OG Kush

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